Continuing Education Links

These links support RACES training presentations I've given.

Please bookmark your favorites! You may also suggest other resources to nt5tm at arrl dot net for presentation on a future net or addition to this list. These aren't the only or even the most important resources on the net; they're just the ones I've been interested in lately, and I'd like to share them with you.

Remember, the best "equipment" is your knowledge and your relationships with others.

You can listen to training nets (and fun ones, too!) using the feed of the W5FC 146.88 MHz analog repeater. Be sure to use the small "play" button in the "listen" column to the left of the repeater description. The big green "Listen Now" button lower down is part of an add, and it's more than a little bit deceptive.

Net Control


Net Control Station Training Manual

Ann-Marie Ruder, K8AMR, compiled this well-known guide to serving as a net control station.

NCS Training Manual 3-05


Net Control Training Manual

Bruce Winchell, N8UT, assembled this comprehensive, almost exhaustive, net control guide, which formed an important part of Ms. Ruder's work.

Wayne County ARA Logo

The Net Control Operators Survival Guide

Compiled by Jack Arnouts, N2KUO, in Wayne County, PA, this guide provides a concise summary of Ms. Ruder's manual


Finding Practice

If you'd like to train as a net control for the National Traffic System, contact Sean Peoples, KC5FAZ; for information about RACES, contact Pat Hykkonnen, NT5PH; both of their email addresses are listed on You can also contact your local radio officer.

Storm Safety


Lightning Protection

Rob Block, KB2UYT, produced an excellent three-part series for the ARRL's Lightning Protection website. You should review all three parts.


NWS Norman, OK

The National Weather Service's Norman office provides concise and simple information on taking shelter at home, at work and on the road.

Safety in Your Home

RACES Information



The 2019 Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual has been released. Print it out or keep it on your phone, and be sure to read through it at least once a year.


Radio Manuals

You can't use radio to help others if you don't know your gear. But it's impossible to learn every function a modern radio has to offer. The solution? Keep the manuals for all your radios on your phone, or keep a copy in your go kit. Get to work, there's no excuse.





Yaesu or Manualslib (Yaesu doesn't have a central manuals archive on their site—please let me know if you find one.)



NWS Forth Worth SKYWARN Page

Our local forecast office has added a SKYWARN page to their site. You'll need to use it to download your certificate from SKWARN class.



Helpful MetEd Courses

The Northern Indiana forecast offices has some helpful links to popular MetEd courses.

Online Spotter Training and Other Resources


Spotter's Field Guide

I recommend this link to friends who are interested in storms and storm spotting, and want to learn a little more. It's a good, basic guide with pictures.

Weather Spotter's Field Guide


SKYWARN Refresher Video

This is absolutely not a substitute for attending a SKYWARN class in person. It won't be accepted as training by any orgainzation in this area. A full class takes all day, includes information specific to our area and recent history, and provides time for you to ask questions. But if you want to pique a friend's interest, or you just want a quick refresher, an on-line video course is available.

First Aid


Stop the bleed!

Everyone should know the basics of bleeding control, no exceptions. The American College of Surgeons is doing their best to get the word out and organize training.

This is their simple, illustrated guidebook:

Stop the Bleed Booklet

Their site has a full list of resources, a tool for finding classes (early days, yet), and the latest news.



CPR is easier and more effective than ever, thanks to better protocols and better awareness among hosptial staff and paramedics of how best to help people who've received it. You don't even have to give breaths if you don't want to or can't remember. But progress doesn't help if you don't give CPR when it's needed! Review the basic steps and remember that anything is better than nothing!

CPR Steps

Red Cross

ARC Manuals

For many years, the American Red Cross kept close watch on their manuals and handbooks. Soft copies of course materials were never available, even to participants. But recently, they've made their most popular publications available on-line. You want them.

Participant Manuals

CPR and First Aid Course

Widerness First Aid

Red Cross

ARC Mobile Apps

The American Red Cross is also offering some new mobile apps, including an on-line first aid guidebook.

Disaster Preparedness

World's Cutest Rhinoceros

Tokyo Bousai

There's no shortage of earthquakes in Japan, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is determined that its citizens will be the best-prepared in the world. They've prepared a neat guidebook in several languages—including English—full of useful tips and urban survival skills. It's an outstanding book, with clear directions on what to do now, and where to look for help after the disaster. I wish my city were this ready!

May 2019 update: the Tokyo government has made the links to the good guidebook very hard to find, and they've replaced it with a much less useful book that lists all the street improvements and shelter upgrades they've been making. Fortunately, the PDFs of the original, excellent book are still on their server.



Chapter 1: Simulation of a Major Earthquake

Chapter 2: Let's get Prepared!

Chapter 3: Other Disasters and Countermeasures

Chapter 4: Urban Survival Tips

Chapter 5: Disaster Facts and Information You Should Know

Yes, there's an offical Earthquake Manga!


Emergency Response Guide

You might never need an on-line copy of the "Orange Book" that guides first responders in hazmat incidents. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to be prepared, and it does take practice to use the book well. What's UN 1162? How far away from an incident should you be? If nothing else, this app will help you understand why first responders are making the decisions they do. It's also a surprising amount of fun to look up the hazmat placards you see during road trips.

Mobile Apps

Orange Book


TDEM Public Info

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has a collection of tip links and preparedness guides on-line. Most of these are pretty generic, and none of them come with a cool manga like Tokyo Bousai. They do have some links about taking disabilities into account during disater planning—we're not all movie stars.

There's always